Session Musician


Kris is known for his history with Darkest Hour, Threat Signal, Scar The Martyr, Vimic and many of his other projects. After years of constantly growing experience in the music industry Kris decided to make himself available to fill in for your band on the upcoming tours or for guest appearance on your next album.

Music Production

After working for several years on numerous musical projects, Kris decided to focus on his dream, taking on the role as a Producer.  

Kris is willing to travel to any location to help you with your music! Kris prefers to work directly and face to face with the bands he produces. He want’s to be fully involved and make sure that each band gets the best possible results and release the best possible material. Kris has worked with bands in United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland.



Guitar Lessons

Kris is also available for guitar lessons! Anyone who saw Kris’ lesson videos knows he has a lot
to offer in terms of skills, creativity, and technique! Kris is a patient teacher and able to explain
things in a suitable way for you.