I’ve solely used EMG pickups my entire career. From the 909x all way to the 57/66 sets they’ve never failed me in tone, durability, and set up. They have such a wide variety of options and combinations for every tonal need I’ve ever come across ether it be live or in the studio.

EMG Gear used:

57/66 set for 6,7,8 string guitars
81/85 sets for 6,7,8 strings



Proud to be part of GHS Strings Family

Always wanted to be part of their Artist Roster as there are only positive things to say about this company!


After 20+ years of playing and never-ending search for ‘my tone’, I have found it!

Dark Blood

An all around crushing yet refined sound from the very first use.

So on the Xerosun production, I’ve been using some of the Panda Sound sessions and drums. Been using mostly Shokran and Plague Reborn with a touch of Sequence of Discord. The drums fit perfectly into the mix whether it be a demo, preproduction, or the final versions. The mix ready sessions are ideal to mock up the demos for the band to hear a polished result even before the final mix takes place. And panda bass just sounds massive whether you are programming bass from scratch or supplementing a tracked DI. Highly recommended! Panda Sound Store